Application Recommendations (part 1)

There’s so many applications to choose from in the Android Market, here’s a few lists provided by members at HUKD.  I’ll post up a “Top” list later on that picks out the most common applications from these lists.

spritey the_porter Agharta MrBrightside1987 garbage456
Co-pilot footmob4 iTunes Remote Opera Car Mode
Facebook XBMC Remote Alarming! Close Everything
Pocket Ebay Barcode Scanner Copilot Sat Nav (26.99)
Paypal SMS Backup/Restore EZCam (0.99p)
Movies Midomi Google maps(updates maps on the phone with added speech support)
Co-pilot PktAuctionseBay GPS Tracker
Locale Swype GTraffic
Engadget Astro HotdealUK App
yxFlash Imusic
Beebplayer ISpy
Alarm Clock Newspapers
Barcode Scanner NotePad
Battery Status Shazam
Beebplayer Sleep Timer
Games SMS Popup
Labyrinth Telegraph
WordWrench TorchLight
Toon Wars Touch Timer
ShootU Voice Caller ID
Asphalt Voice Recorder
Wave Racer WeatherBug
SpeedX Widget bluetooth
Speed Racer Widget WIFI
Speed Forge £d Widget Screen brightness
Replica Island (free) Games
Blow It Up! Australia Vs England, ashes cricket (£1.49)
Raging Thunder Abduction
Home Run Battle Bubble bubble
Droid mini golf
Dunk it
Grid droid
Labyrinth lite
Orbs knock Off
Phit Droid
Poke a mole