DOWNLOAD: Firefox for Android (Pre-Alpha Release)

Mozilla have released a Pre-Alpha version of Fennec (the codename for mobile Firefox versions).  After developing this version for some time, Mozilla finally feel that the application is ready for some user testing.  As the title “pre-alpha” suggests, it’s going to be far from stable so don’t be surprised if there’s unexpected Force Closes and unexpected behaviour.

Some reported problems include some users not even being able to install the app (not enough memory error) whereas others have installed it fine.


You can download it from here.  It’s 10MB filesize, so if you’re download straight to your phone I’d recommend using a WiFi connection.


Option 1: Download to computer, connect Desire via USB and mount as USB.  Copy the file across and install using Astro.
Option 2: Download directly to phone (WiFi highly recommended).  Use Astro to install.

Extra Information

There’s no multi-touch feature in this version.


I’ll post up some screenshots later on.  In the meantime if you do try it let everyone know how you get on by posting a comment!