Froyo Releases: Current Status

A few networks have now released the long-awaited Froyo update during the past week so here’s a quick summary of which networks it’s available on:

Unbranded Handsets – since early August
Vodafone – released on 23 August
Orange – Re-release on 1 October. History: released 21 September.  Pulled the update on 23 September.
T-Mobile – Available since 20 September.  History: originally released on  19 September, then pulled due to including German apps.
O2 – Re-release on 29 September. History: released on 6 September, then pulled due to bugs.  Rereleased to a few users on 23 September as a test, public release during week commencing 27 September.
Three – not even confirmed that they will be getting Froyo.  Seem to be mixed responses from staff, all contradicting one another
Virgin – not heard anything yet

The update was also made available for the Asian devices since 30 August

People who bought the phone from a network and received an unbranded device should have had the update since early August.  The network release dates are for branded phones.

It’s quite a shame to see networks such as Three letting their customers down already.  Even if they can’t specify an accurate release date, it would be useful just to officially announce whether they’ll actually be releasing Froyo or not.

The update mechanism for Android is a major letdown.  Although you could blame the networks more than HTC, it’s still a shame that users are made to wait weeks and even months for an update from a network provider, instead of a general release direct from HTC for all phones.  It’s one area in which the iOS is superior, one update that becomes available to everyone at the same time – straight from Apple.


  • 23 September – O2 re-released Froyo
  • 24 September – received confirmation that the 20 September T-Mobile update doesn’t have German apps.  Thanks to
  • 25 September – confirmation that O2 release was a test, and public release will be during week starting 27 September.  Thanks to impy81
  • 25 September – confirmation that Orange have pulled the update since 23 September – no rerelease scheduled. Thanks to ash (in the comments)