Here’s part 2 of the Application Recommendations.  This is jetpac’s list who thoughtfully provided a brief description of almost every application/game in the list.


Handcent SMS – Much better than the stock Messaging facility
Anycut – create your own shortcuts to particular functions (or create shortcuts to apps with “cleaner” names to look nicer)
Twidtroid – Twitter App
eBuddy – Messenger
Foursquare – Gps social networking helps you discover new places in your city (
Mobisle Notes – Notepad + to do list
Barcode scanner
Locale – allows you to set location based profiles, sound off at work with wifi turned on, different backrround out of work etc etc
Evernote – Note taking and clipping, uploads everything into the cloud, use on your pc aswell (
Movies – Local showing times, film reviews etc
Pkt Auctions Ebay – ebay app
Shazam – music identifier – news on the go
Fotmob – football live scores
Advanced task killer – stiop background apps
eoeappinstaller – allows you to install .apks from the net and install them (so you can get the pro versions for “free”
Key Ring – carry your reward cards(with barcodes) on your phone!
Photoshop mobile
Opera 5 mini – Browser (upgrade to Opera Mobile when released)
Torrent Fu – manage torrents on your PC from your phone, scan barcodes when you are out and start downloading at home
Wavesecure – security app
Tunes remote – itunes remote control
Swype – keyboard replacement, drag across the letters to input text, amazing!


Puzzle Blox
Tamgram Pro
Life stories – Collects feeds from sites like Texts from last night and F*** my Life, Very funny stuff for passing the time

Application Recommendations Part 1

There’s so many applications to choose from in the Android Market, here’s a few lists provided by members at HUKD.  I’ll post up a “Top” list later on that picks out the most common applications from these lists.

spritey the_porter Agharta MrBrightside1987 garbage456
Co-pilot footmob4 iTunes Remote Opera Car Mode
Facebook XBMC Remote Alarming! Close Everything
Pocket Ebay Barcode Scanner Copilot Sat Nav (26.99)
Paypal SMS Backup/Restore EZCam (0.99p)
Movies Midomi Google maps(updates maps on the phone with added speech support)
Co-pilot PktAuctionseBay GPS Tracker
Locale Swype GTraffic
Engadget Astro HotdealUK App
yxFlash Imusic
Beebplayer ISpy
Alarm Clock Newspapers
Barcode Scanner NotePad
Battery Status Shazam
Beebplayer Sleep Timer
Games SMS Popup
Labyrinth Telegraph
WordWrench TorchLight
Toon Wars Touch Timer
ShootU Voice Caller ID
Asphalt Voice Recorder
Wave Racer WeatherBug
SpeedX Widget bluetooth
Speed Racer Widget WIFI
Speed Forge £d Widget Screen brightness
Replica Island (free) Games
Blow It Up! Australia Vs England, ashes cricket (£1.49)
Raging Thunder Abduction
Home Run Battle Bubble bubble
Droid mini golf
Dunk it
Grid droid
Labyrinth lite
Orbs knock Off
Phit Droid
Poke a mole

If you’re new to Android, or to smartphones then the Desire might seem a little overwhelming when you first get it.  Here’s a few tips and tricks on what to do when you get your phone, and how to use the Sense interface properly:

  • check that Internet and MMS are working. You might need to contact your network provider for the settings to use.
  • Add my email accounts to the Mail app – remembering to turn the “Sent from Hero” signature off. You can leave that on to brag but I don’t think it looks good when I’m emailing clients!
  • Setup your WiFi
  • Press Menu on the Home Screen, from the scene’s option choose the blank one and then add the widgets that you actually want/need. Extras will only drain the battery faster though they might provide extra eye-candy when you’re showing off your phone.
  • You can hold your finger down in any empty space on a homescreen to quickly add widgets.
  • Long-pressing an application in the menu will let you add it as a shortcut to a homescreen
  • Long-pressing the Home button will list your recently launched apps.
  • Pinch a homescreen, (or press Home whilst already on a homescreen) to see an overview of all 7 homescreens.
  • To use a part of an MP3 as a ringtone, open the track in the Music player, press Menu and select “Set as Ringtone”, then select “Trim the ringtone” and from there you can select and preview which part of the song you want!

Closing Applications

There’s no such thing as closing an app on an Android device because they’re multi-tasking phones. You simply press the home button to leave it and it should carry on where you left it next time you go on. When your device finds that it’s running out of RAM it’ll start closing the older apps itself.

HTC Desire delivers intense brilliance, sharp contrast, and true colors on the expansive 3.7-inch AMOLED display. The 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor makes the phone incredibly responsive as you multitask from app to app without skipping a beat, while the instinctive HTC Sense experience lets you wield the power of the HTC Desire with the greatest of ease.

Pay As You Go – £353

This is probably the cheapest deal for the HTC Desire right now – it’s the one I’ve ordered and expecting it to arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday.  If you’re on another network then expect to pay £15 more to have it unlocked.

Buy it here – just switch to the T-Mobile tab and select Pay As You Go.  The HUKD deal topic for this deal can be found here. Credit to chromosome17 for this deal.

Contract – £404

You can also get this phone on a T-Mobile contract.  For £10/month and £164 for the phone you get 100 minutes/unlimited text/unlimited internet for a total of £400 over the course of 24 months i.e 24*10 = 240 + 160 = 404.   There’s the possibility of T-Mobile knocking £40 off the handset, or £20 cashback if you order via Quidco or TopCashBack.  You can view the HUKD topic for this deal here.  Credit to the porter for this deal.

Thanks for visiting  This website aims to provide owners of this mobile with a useful resource for all their Desire needs.  I’ll aim to keep this blog updated as much as possible.  If you’re interested in contributing (even if it’s part-time) please get in touch.  hello [at] myhtcdesire [dot] com!

I was inspired by the members at HUKD to start this site, so thanks to all of them!