Annoying Orange, in more ways than one

Froyo has been available for many Orange customers for over a week, but people who were on software version were made to wait until yesterday (1 October) before being offered this update.  Reason being that Orange had to first release an update which allowed customers to upgrade from to

You should now be able to get the update by going on:
Settings > About phone > System software updates -> Check now

After installing that update, you should be able to check again and receive the Froyo update too

Manual Download and Install

In case you don’t get the to update then you can download it directly from the HTC servers – link and then install using the tutorial here

As you’re aware, Froyo has been out for owners of unbranded phones since the start of August.  Now it’s been one and a half months and in that time we’ve seen a couple of networks releasing the update such as Vodafone and O2 (who pulled the updated shortly due to bugs) but users of other networks have still been waiting for this update.  T-Mobile say they’re still well on track for a late September release, rumour has it that Three may not even be getting the update (can’t confirm as even the Three staff seem to be contradicting themselves) but today the spotlight falls on Orange who promised a mid-September update and when they failed to deliver decided to push the blame on HTC.

When Froyo was released, conorfromorange (PR Manager for Orange) posted a Tweet on 2 August saying:

We are working with HTC to bring the 2.2 Android update to Desire customers as soon as we can. This process normally takes about four weeks

Since that date, their customers waited patiently (or impatiently in some cases), the 4 weeks came to pass at the start of September and still no update.  That’s fair enough considering 4 weeks was an guideline, not a fixed release date.

After, since the start of September, conor has posted several Tweets that seem to be blaming HTC for the delayed update and not themselves:

27 August (link):
Android fans there has been a delay in receiving the 2.2 Froyo update from HTC, & we now expect it to be available mid-Sep. Apologies

7 September (link):
@CKrypt1 Hey, mid-September for Froyo as previously tweeted

15 September (link):
HTC told us they’ve had issues with the update, but these are now resolved. So we’re just waiting for them to give finl partner approval

15 September (link):
Apols for the delay guys. We’ve been told to expect it shortly – think days rather than weeks!

BUT, when a MyHTCDesire reader decided to email HTC to find out why they were holding up Orange and their Froyo update, HTC replied with an email clarifying the situation and denying the accusations coming from Orange about it all being HTCs fault:

Dear xxx, Thank you for your email. The upgrade is authorised for release for unbranded devices at the same time it is released to network providers. In this case, Vodafone and O2 have had the new software for the same amount of time as Orange have had. I apologise for the incorrect information they have given you. The software is in their hands, it is their responsibility to release it to their customers. If you have any further questions, please contact me again. To send a reply to this message or let me know I have successfully answered your question log in to our ContactUs site using your email address and your ticket number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Sincerely,



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The message from HTC clearly states that Froyo has been available to ALL mobile networks since HTC released the unbranded version, which would be the start of August.  They also go on to say that customised and releasing the update is the responsibility of each network provider, not HTCs.

Additionally, when the reader who sent the email above called Orange a few days ago, he was told that the update is still being tested and would be released in 2 weeks which contradicts conor’s promise of “days rather than weeks”.

To be clear, the issue isn’t that the update has been delayed.  Delays for any software-based products are to be expected and even HTC are known to slip up – when I was on my HTC Hero they were promising Android 2.0 last December, then said that wouldn’t be released and they’d release 2.1 in January instead and even that wasn’t released until June, by which time I’d long sold the Hero and got the Desire instead!  The concern is that why are Orange constantly blaming HTC for the delay when HTC have cleanly denied being responsible?

In all fairness, if Orange keep to their promise of a few days then they’ve still done a better job than the other networks. Only Vodafone have made a successful release so far.

Personally, I really think the networks shouldn’t even be allowed to brand their phones.  If it was done within a reasonable timeframe and actually improved the user experience then it would be a different story.  When it’s the first major update to one of the best phones available at the moment, and customers are being forced to wait before receiving an update that’s been available to their friends with unbranded phones for 2 months just so that networks can cripple the update with their own bloatware then it’s really unfair on those customers.  It’s a poor of way of taking advantage of the lack of alternative that the customers have.  All the networks do it, so it’s not as if people can threaten to leave and join another network.

Are you on Orange, and have you heard any news from them regarding Froyo?  I’ll try contacting conorfromorange to see what he has to say on the issue.

Owners of the HTC Desire on Orange will notice that the Talk (AKA GTalk and Google Talk) is missing from their phone.  I’m guessing this is only to promote their own custom IM application, which has an extra cost attached to it.  Don’t worry though, here’s a quick and easy way to get the application on your Desire.  Just follow the simple steps below:

  1. Download and install Astro File Manager from the Market (if you don’t have it already)
  2. Download the Talk.apk from here
  3. If you downloaded this on your phone skip to Step 4
    If you downloaded this on your computer skip to Step 5
    1. Open Astro file manager
    2. Click on Downloads
    3. Select Talk.apk
    1. Connect your Desire to computer and mount as USB
    2. Copy the Talk.apk file to your phone
    3. Open Astro file manager
    4. Browse to where you’ve put Talk.apk
    5. Select Talk.apk
  4. Select Open App Manager from the two options that appear on Astro
  5. Click Install
  6. Install the application as any normal app.  If you get an Install blocked message, just go to Settings and make sure the Unknown sources box is checked
  7. Open your menu and you should see Talk appear!

The Talk application will sign in automatically (unless you set it not to) and let you talk to any of your GMail contacts via Instant Messenger.  It’s a lot better than other IM apps in the sense that it doesn’t need to keep asking the server if there’s new messages, instead it uses PUSH to get messages to your phone.  This means no extra battery drain and fast notifications!

Thanks to fooby1420 for the original upload.