Desire Root Update: Vanilla Android and Custom Recovery

Vanilla Desire

Paul O’Brien (the guy working on rooting the Desire) has just posted up 2 images of his HTC Desire: one running Vanilla Android (standard Android without HTC Sense), and the other with a custom recovery image (which lets you put custom ROMs such as Vanila Android on your Desire).  As you can see below from the white top bar, standard Android Widgets and the default homescreen that owners of other Sense-less Android phones (such as Nexus One) will recognise:

Vanilla Desire

HTC Desire running Vanilla Android

Desire Recovery Image

HTC Desire with a custom Recovery Image

His latest tweet says that “Desire kitchens are a go-go” – basically meaning that you should be able to customise your own ROM file and install it to the Desire!

I’ll keep you updated as further information is released throughout the day!