FAQS: Your HTC Desire Questions Answered #3


Time for another dose of frequently asked questions.

  1. How much space do games take on the HTC Desire?
    Game storage can vary, small games normally use 3-5MB.  3D games tend to take up more space, about 15-20MB.  Some games, like the one’s by Gameloft, take up 15MB on the phone and then download the rest of their files to your SD card – saving you valuable phone storage space.
  2. What do the terms “Mount” and “Unmount” mean in relation to the Desire?
    When you connect your phone to your computer via USB cable, you’re shown a series of options on your phone.  One of them is “Disk Drive” which let’s your computer access the contents of your phones SD card like a USB Flash drive.  Putting your phone into Disk Drive mode is commonly referred to as “mounting” and ejecting/disconnecting the phone is known as “unmounting”.
  3. Can I take screenshots of my Desire?
    If you’ve rooted your phone download ShootMe from the Market
    If you’ve not rooted then there’s no easy way, though you can follow this tutorial which shows you how to do it by connecting your phone to computer.
  4. Why isn’t the Talk (GChat/GTalk) application on my Orange Desire?
    Apparently Orange removed this application just to promote their own IM application.  If you want the Talk application on your phone then it’s really easy to get it using these instructions
  5. How can I remove a widget from my homescreen?
    Just hold your finger down on the widget, and you’ll see a red box appear at the bottom of the homescreen (where it normally says “phone”) with the text “Remove”.  Drag the widget to this box and the widget will be deleted.
  6. Can I read books on my HTC Desire?
    Yes!  There’s a few good applications on the Market which let you read books on the Desire.  I’m personally a fan of Laputa which has quite a large catalog of free books for you to read.  There’s also Aldiko, and if you’re willing to pay then there’s quite few apps for online services such as Amazon Kindle.
  7. How can I check which firmware version my Desire is running?
    Go on Settings > About phone > Software information.  This screen will show you all the information about your current firmware.
  8. What games does the HTC Desire come with?
    Only with Teeter, but there’s plenty of free games for you to download from the Android Market as soon as you get your phone.  If you need help choosing which to download have a look at the Top 10 Desire Games
  9. How do I add SNES games to Snesoid?
    Download your games on your computer.  Mount (def: see #2) your phone to computer.  Copy the ROM file anywhere onto your SD card (I made a SNES folder for all my ROMs).  Unmount your phone.  Start SNESoid and browse to the location you copied your ROM.  That’s all there is to it!
  10. Any word on Froyo?
    Nothing official just yet.  Hopefully we’re not far off the update.  I’ve been using the test leak for a full week now (my review) and I’ve had no issues with it whatsoever.  Everything works fine, no force closes, no random restarts or anything – all’s good so I’m hoping that HTC can quickly get it polished up and ready for release in the near future.