Task Killers – You Really DON’T Need Them

Before I get into this I want to make one thing clear: it’s not bad to have a task killer installed for the purpose of checking what’s running or to close unnecessary apps, but if you have it make sure the task killer itself isn’t running in the background.

Ok, so a lot of people with their new Desire have been recommended to install a task killer.  Here’s a few reasons why you don’t need one:

  1. The way Android OS works is that when an app is in the background then it’s as if the app is frozen and not really running.  The exception being apps that need to run in the background such as feed readers, Twitter clients and so on.  Having apps in the background that aren’t doing anything is therefore not a problem.  The ones that are (Peep, Stocks and so on) you can just change their update frequency to something higher so they’re not running as often.
  2. The memory management of Android makes sure you always have sufficient free memory. If the available memory falls below a certain threshold your phone will automatically close older applications.  Even though this wasn’t too efficient on the Hero, it’s far better on the Desire which has more initial memory to work with.
  3. Task Killers themselves use up system resources constantly and in turn use battery life, not to mention that it’s trying to access ALL the other processes.  Many users have reported an increase in battery life when they don’t have a Task Killer running
  4. Some task killers will make Sense laggy.  Lagginess is a common complaint from Task Killer users.  It keeps trying to access the Sense process and causes it to lag.
  5. Certain apps restart anyway.  HTC Apps like Stocks, Peep and Footprint will restart themselves whenever they’re closed.  This restart process might cause your phone to lag for a second, use up extra battery during the initialisation process, and so obviously closing such apps has done more bad than good.
  6. The Desire actually has enough memory and processing power to handle many applications being open.  If it’s not broke then don’t fix it, right?

If you insist on having one installed then make sure it’s not always running.  When you select apps to close, make sure the task killer itself is included.