HOW TO: Create Backups of Your Phone

I think this is pretty crucial, especially if you’re considering rooting your phone and installing custom ROMs.  Here’s the method I use make a backup of my phone before installing any custom ROM:

SMS, Calllogs, Contacts, Applications, Settings and Bookmarks

  1. MyBackup – this is an app you’ll find in the Market.  There’s a full 30 day trial, and then you need to buy MyBackupPro for $4.99
    It will let you backup most of your stuff: SMS, Call-logs, Contacts, Applications, Settings and Bookmarks
  2. SMS Backup & Restore (by Ritesh Sahu) – lets you backup all your text messages and restore them
  3. People – the default People application on the Desire.  Just press the Menu button -> select Import/Export and export all your contacts to the SD card

Applications and Application Data

If you backup your applications using MyBackup then when restoring you’ll get your apps back but no data for them such as progress or preferences – it will be as if you’ve installed the app for the first time

Once you’ve rooted your phone you have a couple of ways to backup and restore your application data too:

  1. Titanium Backup – will create a full backup of all your apps and their data.  Very easy to backup and restore.  You can also schedule to backup regularly.
  2. MyBackup can take advantages of the root permissions and will let you backup the application data too.


When restoring data make sure you don’t restore “Android Home” in MyBackup – I’ve had problems where I can’t add widgets to my homescreen if I choose that
MyBackup sometimes doesn’t let me restore Apps – that’s why I prefer to use Titanium Backup for apps and games
MyBackup sometimes doesn’t let me restore Contacts – hence the advice to use the People app.