HOW TO: Create, Manage and Rename Folders

Folders are a kind of widget that provide a great way to create groups of shortcuts on your homescreen.  If you like having lots of shortcuts to your favourites game and applications, then folders will help you organise them making it easier to find apps and games you want to use.

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Adding Folders

  1. Press the ‘+’ button in the bottom right of your homescreen
  2. Select “Folder” from the options that appear
  3. Select New Folder (or one of the other options if you want one of those)
  4. You’ll see a new widget appear on your homescreen called “Folder”

Adding Items To Folders

  1. Press the ^ button on the bottom left of your screen to bring up the Apps menu
  2. Hold your finger down on the app you want to add to the folder.  You’ll be taken back to the homescreen (with your app still selected) and you can drop it into your folder
    Hold Down Application
  3. If successful your app will appear inside the folder if you click on it
    App In Folder

Renaming Folders

  1. Click on a folder to open it
  2. Press down the title bar (the grey bar at the top which says “folder”), you’ll notice it turn green for a split-second
  3. A box will appear prompting you to enter a new name.
    Rename Folder
  4. Enter a name and press OK
    Renamed Folder