HOW TO: Improve Your Battery Life (Calibration Tutorial)

If you’ve been experiencing issues on your Desire where the battery doesn’t seem to last as much as it should then you can use this guide to extend your battery life.  People have reported their batteries holding charge for double the time they used to after following these steps.

Obviously if your battery is performing well already then doing this won’t have any real benefits!


  1. Turn your phone on and charge it for 8 hours or more
  2. Unplug the charger
  3. Turn your phone off and charge it for one hour
  4. Unplug the charger
  5. Turn on the phone and wait 2 minutes
  6. Turn your phone off and charge it for one hour
  7. Unplug, turn it on and use as normal.  Your battery life should now be a lot better 🙂

You only need to do this once.  If you keep experiencing issues with your battery you should contact HTC or your network provider for support.


Although this will calibrate your battery and cause it to hold charge better, your battery life will still be affected by the apps you use (needless to say really).  Main battery hogging applications include Instant Messaging apps (MSN, AIM etc), GPS powered apps (CoPilot, Maps, Layar), video apps (RockPlayer, YouTube) and so on.  Just remember that whenever you finish using these apps make sure you close them properly, using the quit menu if there’s one available.  You can also visit my earlier tutorial on how to preserve your battery life here.


This tutorial is based on the original post by OneStepAhead on XDA.