HOW TO: Install The Android SDK

This guide was initially part of the How to Take Screenshots tutorial but has been separated out because it’s going to be referenced in a few upcoming tutorials.

Instructions – Mac users can skip to step 5

  1. Go to the Java Runtime Environment (or the JDK if you intend to develop your own apps) page
  2. Select your Operating System, agree to terms and click Continue
  3. Download the file shown below (the version number may differ, this is the latest at time of writing this article)
    JRE Download
  4. When the download completes run the file to install it
  5. Get the Android SDK – free download available from here.  Downloads are at the top of the page, just choose your relevant operating system – no need to follow the instructions on that page!
  6. When the download has completed extract the file:
    • Windows – Right Click -> Extract All -> Follow the onscreen prompt.
    • Mac – Double click the file
  7. Open the extract android-sdk-rXX-<os> folder, the android-sdk-<os> subfolder within it (if it’s there).  You should see something like this:
    Android SDK Files
  8. Windows: install the latest Android phone drivers using the instructions here
  9. That’s it.  You’ve now got the Android SDK setup on your computer.