HOW TO: Setup Hotmail Emails On Your HTC Desire

Hotmail offer a free POP3 service which allows you to receive all your emails on your HTC Desire. If you have a address then it’s really easy.  You just enter your email and password in the Mail application and it does the rest of the setup for you.

If You Have A or Account:

  1. If you have a email address then stop here.  Read the first paragraph of this article, because that’s all you need 😉
  2. Open the Mail app on your Desire
  3. If you already have another email account setup then press Menu > More > New account
  4. Select Other (POP3/IMAP).
  5. Select Manual setup at the bottom
  6. Enter the following settings:
    Protocol: POP
    Email address: your email address
    Username: your email address again (full)
    Password: your account password
    POP Server:
    Security Type: SSL
    Server Port: 995
  7. Press Next and the Outgoing server settings screen will appear
    If you get an error message at this point double-check all the settings above.  Make sure your username is the same as your email address.
  8. For the Outgoing Server Settings use the following options (bear in mind quite a few of the boxes will already be filled in for you):
    Login required: Make sure it’s checked/ticked
    Username: Your full email address
    Password: Your Hotmail password
    SMTP Server:
    Security Type: TLS
    Server Port: 25
  9. Press Next
  10. Give it a meaningful Account name (this just comes up on your Accounts list – it’s not displayed on outgoing emails)
    In Your name enter your actual name – this is what will appear as the “From” value on outgoing emails
  11. Press Finish Setup
  12. Your account is now setup.  You can press Menu > More > Settings to configure options such as:
    1. Disable the “Sent from my HTC” signature
    2. Change how frequently your Hotmail account is checked
    3. Change how you’re notified of new email
    4. Loads more, just have a look yourself!


  1. I get “Cannot connect to the mail server to verify your account information.  Your server is not responding” message when I press Next on the Outgoing Server Settings screen
    A: Try server port 587 instead of 25

Final Word

This article is a response to many people who’ve asked me how to do this on their Desire.  I’ve always pointed them to webpages with the Hotmail POP3 settings but thought it’s about time I wrote it up as a step-by-step.

If you have any questions, notice any errors, or have extra information regarding this guide then please post in the comments or send me an email. Thanks!